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May 25, 2023

Von Miller of the Buffalo Bills in ALTIUS!

We hope you saw Von Miller from the Buffalo Bills wearing ALTIUS Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses during an interview on the Pat McAfee show.

The Super Bowl MVP linebacker was interviewed in the renowned show on May 23, 2023.  Von was wearing ALTIUS Amber lenses while talking to Pat. The host, who has 2.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel was amazed by the tinted contacts. In less than 18 hours the video had more than 35 thousand views!

Do you have red contacts? Was McAfee's first question to the NFL star.  Von’s immediate response was to lean closer to the camera so the host could have a better look at the ALTIUS contacts. "We were outside today, these are like shades but they are contacts" he said.

The linebacker explained that these lenses block the sun light and blue light, enhancing his vision on the field. He also mentioned they are more comfortable to wear than sunglasses when running or warming up as they don't fog up or have light leakage, which is distracting to the NFL player (and to anyone who wears glassess). "You can work as hard as you want, sweat and don't have any problems" adds the player. Von Miller said he started wearing ALTIUS when he was in Los Angeles playing for the Rams and he has continued to use them: "I really love these a lot, specially while I'm out there and it's sunny, specially in the golf course", he said. To this response McAfee could  only reply, "So these are performance enhancing contacts.”

So why does Von wear ALTIUS?

ALTIUS Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses are engineered to enhance your visual performance by eliminating visual noise, primarily from harsh blue light.  This improves the rest of the light spectrum you see, which provides  greater visual clarity and comfort while playing sports. They provide 100% UV protection and over 99% protection against blue light. As they are contacts you will have a full immersive visual experience.  For anyone challenged with light sensitivity or photosensitivity of any kind, ALTIUS is a great solution.

We currently offer two tints.  ALTIUS Amber, which are a perfect fit for dynamic sports, such as Football, Tennis, Soccer or Baseball, among other sports played outdoor and in bright indoor conditions.  ALTIUS Grey-Green, which enable you to see better for outdoor activities, such as Golf, Surfing, Running, Triathlon, among other outdoor activities. No matter the sport you play, we've got you covered!

Are you looking to increase your performance? ALTIUS is here to make that happen.

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Von Miller - Pat McAfee Video


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