Engineered Visible Light Transmission

By blocking UV and harmful Blue Light, the remaining spectrum of light to reach the retina is enhanced to highlight critical visual details and provide a perceived “Brightening Effect.” These Spectral Transmission Graphs show 100% of UV and an industry leading 99+% of Blue Light is filtered, with Amber and Grey-Green lenses transmitting 50% and 38%, respectively, of the remaining visible light.

ALTIUS® Amber Spectral Curve Graph

ALTIUS Grey-Green Spec Tx

Research demonstrates these engineered tints in a soft contact lens provide significant benefits:

  • Visual Clarity: What is seen has sharper detail and allows greater sensitivity to judge critical visual information, such as reading a green in golf or the seams of a ball in softball pitch.
  • Visual Comfort: By eliminating exposure to harsh Blue Light, there is a calming effect to the wearing of these contact lenses. By calming the eyes, the rest of the body follows.
  • Visual Quickness: By controlling the quantity and quality of the light reaching the retina, the pupil responds much quicker to dynamically changing visual information and light conditions of glare and shadow.
  • Protection: By eliminating exposure to harsh Blue Light, Eye Care Practices now have a solution for photosensitivity often associated with migraines, concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

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