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Since you need to see an Eye Care Provider to have access to ALTIUS lenses, they will instruct you on the proper procedure. You will find it gets easier with practice and it is easier than non-tinted lenses. In addition, here is a link to our tutorial—(found in resources)

We offer plano (no correction—our most popular) and from -0.5D to -6.00D in 0.25 D increments in both Amber and Grey-Green tints.

Yes, the tints are specially engineered for outdoor and indoor recreational activities.

Since contact lenses are classified as a medical device in the United States, a prescription is required. Please see an Eye Care Provider to be fit and receive a contact lens prescription. By the way, it may be a perfect time to get a thorough eye exam while you are there.

Your eye sight is the critical gateway to performance in sports and recreation, so we recommend regular eye exams even if you do not believe you have a vision issue.  While there, ask about ALTIUS to enhance your performance.

Yes, we offer a zero power (“plano”) in each tint. Please see an Eye Care Provider and get fit (link to providers).

ALTIUS Contact Lenses are designed to stay on the front of the eye without moving much, even during extreme sports and other physical activities.  It is a little thicker than most regular soft contact lenses, which helps when handling the lens, both when you apply it to the eye and when you remove it.  If you have never worn contact lenses before, your eye doctor will work with you to have you practice applying and removing the lenses before you do this on your own.  It usually only takes a little practice.

If you are by yourself and experience difficulty removing a contact lens, do the following:  RELAX (don’t panic!); place one or more drops of rewetting solution or artificial tears on your eye; blink a few times; try again to remove the lens.  In an extreme emergency, call your eye doctor or go to an urgent care facility for assistance.

Soft contact lenses are frequently used in water sports, such as surfing and water polo, where other types of correction and protection are not effective or not allowed.  Prolonged exposure or reusing contact lenses increases your risk of eye infection.  ALTIUS Performance Contact Lenses are designed to perform well in water sports and are for single-use.  They are to be discarded immediately following your water activity, thus significantly reducing your risk of infection.  For more information, contact your Eye Care Provider.

In general, fast-moving sports (soccer, football) will utilize the amber tint and sports that involve nature (golf, surfing) will use the grey-green tint.  There are no hard and fast rules to this as we have found that those who play sports with a yellow ball (softball, women’s lacrosse) may prefer the grey green tint.  (Link to Tints in website)

We do not recommend sleeping in ALTIUS Contact Lenses.

The ALTIUS Contact Lenses are single-use only.  They are not to be used for overnight or multiple-day wear.

Your ALTIUS Contact Lenses are provided in a clean sterile package, which should be opened immediately before you are ready to apply them to your eyes.  You do not need to clean or rinse the lenses before applying them to your eyes, though your hands should be thoroughly cleaned before handling them.  Do not store them in any other container, even if you have not worn them.  Dispose of them immediately after use.

University research demonstrates significant reduction of glare by both ALTIUS tints, resulting in improved visual clarity compared to subjects wearing clear contact lenses or eye black.  There is no additive effect of wearing eye black and ALTIUS together.  Research subjects preferred ALTIUS alone in high glare environments.

For those with normal color vision, ALTIUS Contact Lenses work well in daytime driving conditions.  You may feel more relaxed while driving in bright conditions.  ALTIUS Contact Lenses should not be used for night driving.  For further information check with your prescribing eye doctor.

Patent-pending ALTIUS Contact Lenses, the ultimate in performance eyewear, are superior to sunglasses in many respects.  With ALTIUS resting on the cornea and covering it entirely both optical and tint performance are maximized, not compromised as with sunglasses.  This provides a total immersion in the tint whereas sunglasses have distracting peripheral light leakage causing unwarranted glare and lens reflections, and hindering peripheral and binocular vision by the lens frame, temple arm and nose bridge.

Most sunglasses suppress the entire visible light spectrum equally, resulting in a dulling effect. ALTIUS lenses are engineered to filter specific wavelengths of light to reduce visual noise while accenting critical visual details, providing a comfortable perceived brightening effect.

Environmental factors such as fogging, scratching, sweat, rain and lens build-up which are all problematic in sunglasses are eliminated with ALTIUS by each eyelid blink.  Unlike sunglasses which often cause physical discomfort around the noise and ears, and often slide or get dislodged, once ALTIUS is applied you will forget they are on.

Medical Applications

Eye doctors are reporting significant patient symptom relief with ALTIUS due to its unique spectral characteristics and total immersion.  Since ALTIUS covers the entire cornea, it eliminates all peripheral light leakage and lens reflections which can cause discomfort and pupillary response with sunglasses.  Sunglasses have provided only marginal success in reducing light sensitivity. ALTIUS reduces overall light transmission by 50% (Amber) and 62% (Grey-Green) while also filtering over 99% of harsh Blue Light, the best in the industry.  The unique ALTIUS Light Architecture with this level of Blue-Blocking has been demonstrated to relieve light sensitivity symptoms by previous research.  Further research is needed.

Research shows soft contact lenses, such as ALTIUS, can withstand a minimum of 5 times the force required to create a corneal injury, which is common in sports such as basketball and water polo.  In addition, research shows ALTIUS Contact Lenses increase visual clarity, contrast and quickness.  These are the building blocks for such visual skills as depth perception, anticipation timing, and eye-hand, eye-foot and eye-body coordination, which are critical to most human performance, including collision avoidance.  Further research is needed.

Cosmetically tinted contact lenses have a surface coating intended to change the color of your eyes, not to influence visual performance.  The ALTIUS lens is a premium product that selectively filters colors that reach your retina to enhance certain aspects of performance (reducing glare, improving contrast, enhancing the seams of a baseball in flight).  The ALTIUS lens options are designed to maximize your visual performance in sports and recreational activities and to provide relief from light sensitivity.

Eye Care Provider and 3rd Party Coverage

Patent-pending ALTIUS Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses are a product that offers a path to have a conversation with your patients about performance vision.  The team at ALTIUS has incredible experience and knowledge about performance vision.  Therefore ALTIUS offers a  fundamental solution for anyone, including Emmetropes (no correction), seeking to elevate their performance in sports and recreational activities, and for anyone needing relief for light sensitivity.  Overall, this can broaden your practice by bringing in more potential patients to get examinations, fittings, prescriptions and learn about vision as it relates to performance.  It has proven to broaden the business of our practices when they are proactive.

ALTIUS Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses are intended for performance use.   These lenses are approved by the FDA as a medical device and require a prescription.  They protect the eyes from UV and Blue Light, and they are available in corrective and non-corrective powers.  Check with the benefits provider.  As it pertains to the prescribing of ALTIUS for light sensitivity related to migraines, concussions and traumatic brain injuries, worker’s compensation programs are reimbursing ALTIUS costs for a growing number of Eye Care Providers.  We are working on additional coverage options for inclusion of ALTIUS in Neuro Rehabilitation Programs.

Yes. ALTIUS Contact Lenses are a FDA approved medical device and require a prescription.  ALTIUS lenses are covered by FSAs.

By reducing chromatic aberration by 53%, optical calculations indicate ALTIUS can effectively mask up to 2.00D of astigmatism.  This has been clinically demonstrated in early trials with athletes.  Further research is needed.

Yes, but greatly improved.  Two PVTI team members, with the support of Paragon Vision Sciences, developed what would later become Nike MaxSight tinted contact lenses.  These were monthly replacement lenses requiring cleaning, disinfection, and storage.  ALTIUS is a thinner, newer lens material, which is single-use, thereby eliminating all contact lens care products, and, as well as, cleaning, disinfecting and storage over time.  They are designed to handle easier, to be far more comfortable, to perform better and be disposed of after each use.

ALTIUS is a patent-pending premium single-use contact lens with the performance tint penetrating the lens polymer equally around the entire lens.  It is a more comfortable and easier to use than custom tints that are more expensive and are multi-day use which need to be cleaned, disinfected and stored after use.  Custom tinted lenses are created through a secondary process by opening blister packs containing clear lenses and then tinting them manually, which adds variability from lens to lens.  The ALTIUS tints are incorporated into the lenses during the automated lens manufacturing process which provides consistency across all lenses.

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