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Yes, but greatly improved. Two PVTI Team members, with support of Paragon Vision Sciences, developed what would later become Nike MaxSight tinted lenses, which were monthly replacement lenses requiring cleaning, disinfection, and storage. ALTIUS is a thinner, newer lens material, which eliminates the “Hassle Factors” of MaxSight by being single-use, and was designed to handle easier, feel more comfortable and perform superiorly.
*Nike MaxSight was a registered trademark of Nike, Inc.

University research demonstrated significant reduction of glare by the Tints in ALTIUS, resulting in improved visual clarity, as compared to subjects wearing clear contact lenses, Eye Black grease, or both Eye Black grease and ALTIUS Tints.  Subjective responses by the test subjects in the high glare environments also confirmed the preference of the ALTIUS Tints.   

Although ALTIUS was not designed to address concussion or migraine symptoms, several eye doctors have reported significant relief by their patient who have been experiencing concussion and migraine light sensitivity. By being fully immersed, ALTIUS tints filter out 50% to 62% of ALL light reaching the eyes, including 100% of the harsh blue light. Sunglasses, even if they filtered the same harsh wavelengths of visible light, have peripheral light leakage, which still can cause discomfort and restrict response of the pupils.

Yes. Although the ALTIUS Amber & Grey-Green Tints were designed to address the varying and extreme visual and environmental lighting conditions encountered in outdoor activities, university research has confirmed that the pupils of the eye, immersed completely under ALTIUS, react more quickly and fully to adjust to varying light conditions encountered, both outdoors and indoors.  The ALTIUS Innovation Pipeline will specifically address the visual and environmental demands posed by indoor activities in the future.

Currently, ALTIUS Performance Lenses come in the following powers:
ALTIUS will continue to expand the powers that are offered.

Yes, these contact lenses can be made without any power in them (known as “plano”); however, you still have to work with your eye care provider to be fit and receive a contact lens prescription.

Contact lenses are medical devices and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US and equivalent in other countries. You must have your eye care provider evaluate the fit of the lenses and decide if these are the best for you. Due to the state laws, you must have a prescription in order to order these contact lenses.

Cosmetically tinted contact lenses have a light shade on the lens to enhance or, sometimes, change your iris color. The ALTIUS lens is a premium product that filters colors that reach your eye and enhance certain aspects of performance (ex. reducing glare, enhancing the seems of a baseball). The ALTIUS lens family are designed to maximize your visual performance in sport and activities.

In general, fast-moving sports will utilize the amber tint and sports that involve nature (ex. golf, surfing) will use the grey-green tint. There are no hard and fast rules to this as we have found that those who play sports with a yellow ball (ex. softball, women’s lacrosse) may prefer the grey-green tint.

This is a conversation you should have with your eye care provider. Soft contact lenses are frequently used in water sports, such as surfing and water polo, where other types of correction and protection are not effective or not allowed. Prolonged exposure or reusing contact lenses increases your risk of eye infection. ALTIUS Performance Contact Lenses are designed for single-use and are to be discarded following your water activity, thus significantly reducing your risk of infection.

Check with your prescribing eye doctor. Some of the tints significantly reduce the amount of light passing into your eye, especially in the blue part of the spectrum. This can make blue objects, such as flashing lights on some emergency vehicles difficult or even impossible to see. And it can distort the appearance of other objects, such as green traffic signals, so that they might not be seen correctly.

You should check with your benefits administrator to confirm. Since these are FDA approved and require a prescription, we believe ALTIUS lenses should be covered by FSAs.

The ALTIUS contact lens is designed to stay on the front of your eye without moving much, even during extreme sports and other physical activities. It is a bit thicker than most regular soft contact lenses, which helps when handling the lens, both when you apply it to the eye and when you remove it. If you have never worn contact lenses before, your eye doctor will work with you to have you practice applying and removing the lenses before you do this on your own.

If you are by yourself and experience difficulty removing a contact lens, do the following: RELAX (don’t panic!); place one or more drops of rewetting solution or artificial tears on your eye; blink a few times; try again to remove the lens. In an extreme emergency, call your eye doctor or go to an urgent care facility for assistance.

A brief nap of 15 or 20 minutes might be okay, but your ALTIUS contact lenses are approved by the FDA for single-use only. They are not approved for overnight or multiple-day wear.

Your ALTIUS contact lenses are approved by the FDA for single-use only. They are not approved for overnight or multiple-day wear.

While it might look funky, wearing different colors or tints on your eyes will disrupt your normal stereovision and depth perception. Especially if you are participating in any sport or other physical activity, this can distort your awareness and ability to judge the locations, distances, and speeds of objects in the environment. This could cause you to perform poorly or even hurt yourself or others.

The ALTIUS contact lens is intended and approved by the FDA for use of only one lens at a time. If you need a darker or different tint, see your eye doctor for alternate recommendations.

Your ALTIUS contact lenses are provided in a clean sterile package, which should be opened only immediately before you are ready to apply them to your eyes. You do not need to clean or rinse the lenses before applying them to your eyes. Do not store your ALTIUS contact lenses in any other container, even if you have not worn them. At the end of the day, when you no longer need to wear your ALTIUS contact lenses, simply dispose of them properly and get ready to use a fresh new pair the next time!

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