Shout out to @jaylenwaddle for wearing Altius® Amber lenses. Prescribed to help Performance!

Thank you, Dr. Nanasy with @floridainstituteofsportsvision for fitting with Altius® Performance Tinted Contacts!! Hope you have a great year, Knights!


In June 2022, 25 US Women’s National Water Polo Team members fit with ALTIUS® Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses at Surf City Optometry in Huntington Beach, CA, under the care of Dr’s. Bronson Hamada, Amy Dinh, and their staff during the Team’s Annual Performance Vision Testing Program as they prepared for the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Approximately 80% of the team had no vision correction and had never worn contact lenses. Surf City Optometry was a scene of excitement, with these world-class athletes among the first to wear this game-changing technology, especially in a sport where no solution existed against harsh glare from both above and off the water. The athletes explained how the ALTIUS® would allow them to see more clearly and comfortably during training sessions and matches, especially when outdoors. Sports Medicine personnel from US Water Polo, US Surfing, and two local universities observed the event.

First Major Sports Media Coverage of ALTIUS®: Miami Dolphins WR Jalen Waddle Interview

On July 29, Jalen Waddle, Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver, who was drafted 6th overall out of the University of Alabama in the 2021 NFL Draft, was interviewed following a training camp practice while wearing ALTIUS® Amber Lenses. Dr. Amanda Nanasy of The Eye Center / Florida Institute of Sports Vision had fit Jalen and fellow Dolphins’ teammates with ALTIUS® Single-Use Performance-Tinted Soft Contact Lenses leading into the training camp.

The Eye Center / Florida Institute of Sports Vision, founded by Dr. Bob Davis, has provided comprehensive vision care services to the Miami Dolphins for over 40 years! Congratulations to the entire team at the Institute!

This was the 1st major sports media interview of a professional athlete wearing ALTIUS®.