We engineer the light for your best sight.

ALTIUS® provides greater visual comfort, clarity and quickness by blocking harmful UV and Blue Light, while also amplifying the brightness of the remaining color spectrum.  This results in a perceived brightening effect and a super high-definition visual experience.

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Light Architecture By filtering out 100% of UV and over 99% of Blue Light, the primary spectrum is dramatically enhanced.  In most light conditions, what we see appears brighter while also being far less harsh.  As the tints engineer the light you see, you gain a sharper, higher definition view of the world.

Visible Light Transmission - VLT

Chromatic Aberration In addition to adjusting the visible light being transmitted into the eyes, we find another advantage—the spread of light reaching the retina is more concentrated.  This is considered a reduction in chromatic aberration, the most powerful image degrading Aberration of the eye. With our tints, that reduction is over 50%.  Visual clarity is greatly improved even for those not needing correction.

Chromatic Abberation


Visual Clarity:  See objects with enhanced sharpness, even while moving.  ALTIUS Lenses allow you to read detail much better in any environment by removing harmful and bright light conditions.

Visual Quickness:  With greater visual clarity, your eyes can track objects and read the environment with greater speed of recognition.  Your speed of recovery from bright light conditions allows for a quicker reaction time.  This may eliminate errors caused by sudden or prolonged light exposure in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Visual Comfort:  ALTIUS Lenses reduce visual stress from bright light conditions, allowing for an overall calming effect.  As your eyes find comfort in a less harmful environment, you’ll have an increase in focus that can enhance performance.

Visual Protection:  ALTIUS Contact Lenses offer a five times greater protection against corneal abrasion.  They also offer relief for light sensitivity often associated with migraines, concussions and traumatic brain injuries.  We are continuing to study the effects of these conditions and how ALTIUS can provide relief.

Research Information

How do we compare to sunglasses?

Sunglasses also filter some UV, and have less, if any, protection against Blue Light.  Our lenses provide 100% UV protection and over 99% protection against Blue Light. Our lenses are an immersive visual experience where you feel higher definition vision with zero discomfort or distraction.  With sunglasses, you have to worry about them falling off or sliding out of place during activity.  The lenses fit perfectly to your eyes so you can’t feel them. Sunglasses allow light leakage, meaning you won’t be able to 100% block the light you need to block for your given activity.  By contrast, our lenses are fit for you to eliminate all visual noise for a maximal visual experience.  Get the most out of your vision, without the distraction of something sitting on the bridge of your nose. Sunglass tints are not engineered to optimize visual light transmission, so they’ll provide a dimming effect instead of a brightening effect.  Our research indicates your visual field is unhindered with ALTIUS and almost 50% greater than if you are wearing sunglasses. Not all sports or activities allow sunglasses to be worn.  We are the best solution for any activity where you need visual protection and enhancement.

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