ALTIUS® Amber Performance Soft Contact Lens

ALTIUS® AMBER soft sport contact lenses are engineered for dynamic, reactive sports in various outdoor light conditions. These soft sports contact lenses are designed to aid visual performance in athletic and recreational settings by enhancing contrast and enabling the wearer to see objects with greater clarity for athletic sports such as:
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Archery
  • Softball
  • Rugby
  • Hunting
  • Sporting Clays
  • Snow Sports
ALTIUS® AMBER soft sports contact lenses performance attributes:
  • Engineered for dynamic, reactive sports in a wide range of outdoor light conditions, whether bright sunny skies or overcast
  • Patent-pending Performance-Tinted Single-Use Soft Contact Lenses allow the athlete to perform with maximal visual Comfort, Clarity & Quickness
  • 360 Degree Total Immersion Technology© utilizes “Light Architecture”© to selectively filter both the Quantity & Quality of light
  • Protects the eye by blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Blue-Blocking properties filter up to 995 of harmful radiation
  • Reduces “visual noise” of the eye, which reduces glare, improves contrast and provides for overall sharper vision

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Single-Use soft (hydrophilic) contact lens
Ocufilcon D (55% water)
BC: 8.7
OAD: 14.2
Amber 50% Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
Power Range: Plano, -0.50D to -6.00D Sph in 0.25D steps
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