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Performance Vision Technologies, Inc (P.V.T.I) was founded in 2018 to further the market development of performance and sport vision. The co-founders of P.V.T.I have been innovators in both contact lenses and in performance vision. As they came together to begin the journey that is now ALTIUS Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses, one of them had founded a contact lens company and the other, as a head of performance vision at a University School of Optometry, had developed in-depth assessment and training protocols and practices that he implemented with elite athletes and teams.

The beta version of what is now called ALTIUS was known as SportSight, and was developed as a 30 day reusable lens in both Amber and Grey-Green tints by Paragon Vision Sciences. As these initial products were used in research to prove claims of enhanced performance vision, they drew the attention of Nike, where one of the co-founders was consulting on vision products. Nike, in partnership with Bausch + Lomb took the product to market as MaxSight in 2006. It has a strong but short run of three years owing to unrelated business issues at that time.

ALTIUS came in to being when the co-founders located an exceptional contact lens manufacturer capable of not only refining the tints, but also creating a single-use disposable soft contact lens. It is more comfortable and safer than the original 30 day use product.

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