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May 10, 2023

How to Wear ALTIUS® Performance Contact Lenses

Never worn contacts? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! ALTIUS® Performance Contact
Lenses are for anyone, whether you need vision correction or not. That means we see a lot of
people wearing and benefiting from our lenses that have never worn contacts before.

For anyone new to wearing contacts, the process can feel overwhelming. That’s one of the
reasons it’s so important to start by working with your eye care professional (ECP). Your ECP
will walk you through application and removal of our contact lenses, a crucial first step in the

It can take some practice getting used to applying and removing the lenses. So, if you need
some help with handling your lenses, here are some simple steps to follow.

Handling the lenses

Cleanliness is the first step in handling your lenses. Make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your
hands before handling your lenses. Also ensure that you aren’t using any products on your
hands that will leave a residue or could cause irritation to your eye. These are soft contact
lenses and need to be treated with care, so try not to touch the lenses with your fingernails or
any sharp objects.

Placing the lens on your eye

When you open your lens package you will find the lenses are in a sterile solution, ready to
place on your eye. Gently place the lens on the tip of your dominant hand index finger, which
should be clean and dry. Make sure the lens is not turned inside out. It should look like a small
bowl sitting on the tip of your finger. If the lens is turned inside out, you can easily reverse it and
place it back on your index finger. Again, you want to avoid using your fingernails with these

Next, look straight ahead and pull up your upper eyelid using your other index finger. Keep both
eyes open as you look down slightly. Place the lens on the upper white part of the eye. Once
you have the lens on your eye, release your eyelid and slowly close your eyes while gradually
looking straight ahead. By doing this, the lens should move to its correct position. If not, you can
use very gentle pressure with your index finger to move the lens.

You’ll repeat these same steps for your other eye.

Don’t panic if you have some trouble the first few times you insert the lenses. Your eyelids want
to protect your eyes from any harm and may want to close. Remain calm and keep both eyes
open during this process. And make sure that you are holding your eyelid open enough that you
can easily place the lens on your eye.

There is no perfect way of inserting your lenses. If this method doesn’t work for you, that’s why
you see an ECP! They will work with you to find the best practice for you and your ALTIUS

If the lens ever feels stuck on your eye after use, apply a few drops of contact lens rewetting
solution and blink several times. If you feel any discomfort, or the lens doesn’t move freely,
contact your ECP for some added support.

Removing your lenses

ALTIUS performance contact lenses are single-use, meaning they are only meant to be used
ONLY once and then disposed of after usage. When you’re ready to remove your lenses,
cleanliness is just as important as when applying the lenses. Thoroughly wash and dry your
hands before attempting to handle the lenses.

Then, you’ll look at your eyes and make sure that the lenses are centered on the cornea. If the
lens is off-center, gently re-center it before attempting to remove it.

Look up while keeping both eyes open. Using the middle finger of your dominant hand, gently
pull down the lower lid of one of your eyes. Using the tip of the index finger on the same hand,
touch the lens and slide it onto the white of the eye.

Lightly pinch the lens between your index finger and thumb and remove. Remember to be very
gentle and not use your fingernails during this process to avoid any issues.

Repeat this process on the other eye.

If the lens cannot be easily removed, apply a few drops of the contact lens rewetting solution
and blink a few times. When the lens moves freely, remove it in the same manner described

Once you’ve removed your lenses, dispose of them immediately.

Removing contact lenses can be just as intimidating as applying lenses. It may take several
attempts to get the lenses out when you’re new to wearing them. It’s important to remain calm
and be gentle. If you have any issues, reach out to your ECP for additional support.

Once you get the hang of applying and removing your lenses, it will become second nature.
There is very low risk in using these contact lenses, and there’s so much more to gain in terms
of the benefits you’ll get from improved performance vision.

If you have any questions, reach out to us! 

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