April 26, 2023

ALTIUS® vs. Sunglasses: How Do They Compare?

ALTIUS® Performance Tinted Contact Lenses were designed to improve your visual clarity,
comfort, quickness, and protection. They do that in part by blocking UV and Blue Light.
I know what you’re thinking… Sunglasses do the same thing!
And they do! Kind of.


Sunglasses typically filter UV for your protection, and some even filter a bit of Blue Light. The
difference is that they can’t guarantee total protection against UV. We can! Our lenses will block
out 100% of UV. While sunglasses can filter some Blue Light, our lenses will block over 99% of
Blue Light.

What happens when Blue Light is blocked is that the remaining wavelengths are seen in far
greater clarity. That means you can see the things that you need to see and not all the visual
noise you don’t need. Our lenses engineer the light so that what you see appears sharper and
less intense, while also protecting your eyes from extreme light conditions.
Extreme light conditions

Sunglasses will also protect your eyes from extreme light conditions… for the most part.
The problem with sunglasses is that they don’t completely cover your eyes. Sure, they seem to
cover your eyes enough from the front, but what about the sides? All you need to do is move
slightly and all of a sudden your eyes are flooded with bright light leaking in the area not
protected by your sunglasses. And, then there are those annoying lens reflections caused by
that peripheral light leakage.

The good news is that our lenses are fully immersive. Our research indicates that your visual
field is 50% better with ALTIUS than if you’re wearing sunglasses. ALTIUS covers your entire
cornea giving you the assurance that you won’t have to worry about any light leakage!


If you’ve never worn contacts and are worried about how they’ll feel, don’t worry. They’re
extremely comfortable. You won’t even feel them while they’re on, and you won’t have to deal
with them getting in the way of what you’re doing. When you’re wearing sunglasses you have to
deal with them slipping, falling off, and blocking some of your vision.
None of that will happen with ALTIUS! There’s no risk of our lenses falling out.

With sunglasses you also have to deal with the lenses fogging up, scratches, water splash, and
debris buildup. There’s more distractions and annoyances with sunglasses than you’ll ever
experience with ALTIUS.

Changing light conditions

You’ll notice when you wear sunglasses that they’re not designed for changing light conditions,
or when looking into glare or shadow. That means they won’t adapt as well to changes in light
conditions. This leaves you with an overall dimming effect when wearing sunglasses.
ALTIUS lenses do the opposite. They are designed to create a perceived brightening effect.
You’ll see what you need to see in greater clarity… some might even say it’s like you’re seeing
in super high definition.


And you can’t wear sunglasses in ALL sports or activities. You can’t wear sunglasses while
playing water polo or surfing. Some activities you can wear them, but you really don’t want to
because they’re more of a hazard than a benefit. These lenses are designed to support any
sport or activity, and have tint options so that you can find the best fit for you.
Whether you need correction or not, ALTIUS is a great alternative to wearing sunglasses. If you
love sunglasses and want to try the next level of vision performance and protection, give
ALTIUS a try. Contact us or reach out to your eye care professional to learn more.



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