Feel Better - An ATLIUS® Recovery Story

Our lenses are designed to provide greater visual performance, but they may also be a great recovery tool for anyone experiencing photosensitivity as a symptom of migraines, concussions, or traumatic brain injuries. Photosensitivity, and the lack of adequate options to treat it, often makes recovery from injuries like these more difficult. When we heard the inspiring story of Michael Hull, and how he found relief with ALTIUS®, we knew we had to share it. 

Michael Hull is a husband and father to two young girls. To celebrate the momentous occasion of turning 40, he decided to start racing in Ironman competitions. He had done some extreme endurance training before jumping into this. He had already completed a dozen half marathons and 3 full marathons. But, the Ironman was the next level of challenge for him. 

He completed two Olympic distance triathlons and a half Ironman, which includes a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 mile run. He’s currently training for the full Ironman - 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a full marathon run of 26.2 miles. 

Not only was Michael consistently improving his time and enjoying the training and competition of the races, but his girls also loved it. It became a family event, everyone supporting dad as he challenged himself in these extreme endurance races. 

Everything changed on February 8, 2023. Just like any other day, Michael got up early before work to train. It wasn’t an intense session for him, just a relatively easy (for him) 90-minute bike ride. Well, that bike ride would be anything but easy. 

Moving at high speed, he hit an unexpected bump that launched him off his bike. The accident resulted in a severely broken clavicle, which sent him into surgery shortly after. The doctors considered that he may have also had a concussion, but the immediate concern in those first few days was fixing the severely broken bone.  

As his clavicle healed, Michael went back to life as usual - mostly. He went back to work. He spent time with his family. However, one week after the crash he was faced with unbearable pain in his head. Suddenly, he couldn’t look at screens. The sound of his young daughters walking around the house felt like thunder in his head. His head was heavy and doing most things became almost impossible. 

When his head started to hurt, the rest of his body went into stress. His low resting heart rate jumped up from low 50s to the 90s. He put his head in his pillow, wore sunglasses, eye covers, ear covers, you name it. He limited his time on devices because he just couldn’t handle the pain. It became difficult to work, and just to live his life. 

The problem with concussions is that they’re a hidden injury, but often much more difficult than any other physical injury in terms of recovery. There aren’t a lot of options for treatment and they can go unnoticed and undiagnosed. For Michael, it was clear he was suffering from symptoms of a concussion from his accident. But, how could he find relief? 

That’s when Dr. Kathy Weise came in. Dr. Weise is a professor and highly respected clinical and research optometrist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After prescribing ALTIUS lenses for many of her athletic patients for performance, as well as for photosensitivity related to migraines and concussions, she hoped that these lenses could provide the healing support Michael needed. 

He had already started seeing an orthopedic doctor for concussion protocols, but nothing was giving him the relief he desperately needed - until he put on the ATLIUS lenses. He tried covering his eyes with sunglasses, but the light leakage that inevitably happens with sunglasses doesn't allow for a full relief from light. With ALTIUS lenses, your eyes are completely covered with the protective lenses that filter out all of the UV, and block out the harsh blue light that may have been the triggers for the pain and irritation that Michael was experiencing. 

Now, Michael was not a contact lens wearer. Wearing contact lenses was foreign to him, but he was willing to try anything to feel better. He describes the feeling of the lenses as instant relief. It felt like a security blanket. Finally, he could feel the release of the pressure in his head. He could see, he could drive a car, he felt calm for the first time in weeks. 

In addition to the feeling of relief Michael experienced, Dr. Weise likes the ALTIUS lenses for another reason. As an unexpected benefit, the grey-green or amber ALTIUS lenses are more visible on the eye than clear contact lenses. While the ALTIUS lenses provide protection and relief for the user, they are also readily apparent to others around them. As Dr. Weise explains, because concussions are invisible injuries, friends and family of a person who has had a concussion aren’t always aware of the extent of debilitating symptoms the sufferer is experiencing. There may be feelings of brain fog, light sensitivity, fatigue, headache, and dizziness. However, since there is no cast, sling, or splint for a person’s concussed head, many others fail to recognize a person who is trying to heal his or her injured brain. The amber or grey-green coloring provides a visible indicator to others that the concussed person requires treatment to aid in concussion recovery.

For 3 weeks straight, Michael wore the daily disposable lenses. He wore them to work, he wore them around the house, he wore them until right before he fell asleep at night. He tried not wearing them, and immediately felt the pain in his head resurge. He’d feel nauseous, and the headache and heaviness in his head would return. It was clear that these lenses were exactly what he needed to feel normal again and allow his head to heal. 

After those 3 weeks, Michael returned to life as normal. Even though he no longer felt like he needed the lenses for relief from his concussion symptoms, he did continue to wear the lenses for other reasons. When describing the accident itself, he believes it could have been avoided if he had the proper visual clarity. If he had been able to see the bumps, with the visual sharpness that ALTIUS lenses provide, he could have better handled them and avoided the crash. 

Now, Michael wears the lenses to play golf, so he can see the green and avoid wearing sunglasses that can get in the way of his play. Despite having some anxiety about getting back on his bike, he finally returned to his Ironman training wearing his lenses. That security blanket helped him feel better about getting back to what he once loved, trusting that his visual clarity would be significantly improved and could help him prevent a similar accident in the future. 

On May 21, 2023 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Michael made his comeback, competing in his first half Ironman since his accident. He wore the amber ALTIUS lenses for the competition and found they helped him find the edge he needed to not only finish strong at 5 hours and 26 minutes, but set a PR by 10 minutes! 

“The lens made the biggest difference on the run as I was not squinting the whole time. I feel this allowed me to keep my heart rate under control a little better. Not to mention my head didn’t hurt. I just can’t run in glasses as I sweat so much. Second best was how amazing they were on the ride. There were a lot of shadows on the road and they did not bother me at all. I seriously can’t thank you guys enough and none of this would have been possible without ALTIUS.” 

We look forward to following Michael on his journey as he continues to compete and crush his goals! 


Von Miller of the Buffalo Bills in ALTIUS!

We hope you saw Von Miller from the Buffalo Bills wearing ALTIUS Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses during an interview on the Pat McAfee show.

The Super Bowl MVP linebacker was interviewed in the renowned show on May 23, 2023.  Von was wearing ALTIUS Amber lenses while talking to Pat. The host, who has 2.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel was amazed by the tinted contacts. In less than 18 hours the video had more than 35 thousand views!

Do you have red contacts? Was McAfee's first question to the NFL star.  Von’s immediate response was to lean closer to the camera so the host could have a better look at the ALTIUS contacts. "We were outside today, these are like shades but they are contacts" he said.

The linebacker explained that these lenses block the sun light and blue light, enhancing his vision on the field. He also mentioned they are more comfortable to wear than sunglasses when running or warming up as they don't fog up or have light leakage, which is distracting to the NFL player (and to anyone who wears glassess). "You can work as hard as you want, sweat and don't have any problems" adds the player. Von Miller said he started wearing ALTIUS when he was in Los Angeles playing for the Rams and he has continued to use them: "I really love these a lot, specially while I'm out there and it's sunny, specially in the golf course", he said. To this response McAfee could  only reply, "So these are performance enhancing contacts.”

So why does Von wear ALTIUS?

ALTIUS Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses are engineered to enhance your visual performance by eliminating visual noise, primarily from harsh blue light.  This improves the rest of the light spectrum you see, which provides  greater visual clarity and comfort while playing sports. They provide 100% UV protection and over 99% protection against blue light. As they are contacts you will have a full immersive visual experience.  For anyone challenged with light sensitivity or photosensitivity of any kind, ALTIUS is a great solution.

We currently offer two tints.  ALTIUS Amber, which are a perfect fit for dynamic sports, such as Football, Tennis, Soccer or Baseball, among other sports played outdoor and in bright indoor conditions.  ALTIUS Grey-Green, which enable you to see better for outdoor activities, such as Golf, Surfing, Running, Triathlon, among other outdoor activities. No matter the sport you play, we've got you covered!

Are you looking to increase your performance? ALTIUS is here to make that happen.

Click here now and find a provider near you! Or get in contact with us by clicking here!

Von Miller - Pat McAfee Video


How to Wear ALTIUS® Performance Contact Lenses

Never worn contacts? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! ALTIUS® Performance Contact
Lenses are for anyone, whether you need vision correction or not. That means we see a lot of
people wearing and benefiting from our lenses that have never worn contacts before.

For anyone new to wearing contacts, the process can feel overwhelming. That’s one of the
reasons it’s so important to start by working with your eye care professional (ECP). Your ECP
will walk you through application and removal of our contact lenses, a crucial first step in the

It can take some practice getting used to applying and removing the lenses. So, if you need
some help with handling your lenses, here are some simple steps to follow.

Handling the lenses

Cleanliness is the first step in handling your lenses. Make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your
hands before handling your lenses. Also ensure that you aren’t using any products on your
hands that will leave a residue or could cause irritation to your eye. These are soft contact
lenses and need to be treated with care, so try not to touch the lenses with your fingernails or
any sharp objects.

Placing the lens on your eye

When you open your lens package you will find the lenses are in a sterile solution, ready to
place on your eye. Gently place the lens on the tip of your dominant hand index finger, which
should be clean and dry. Make sure the lens is not turned inside out. It should look like a small
bowl sitting on the tip of your finger. If the lens is turned inside out, you can easily reverse it and
place it back on your index finger. Again, you want to avoid using your fingernails with these

Next, look straight ahead and pull up your upper eyelid using your other index finger. Keep both
eyes open as you look down slightly. Place the lens on the upper white part of the eye. Once
you have the lens on your eye, release your eyelid and slowly close your eyes while gradually
looking straight ahead. By doing this, the lens should move to its correct position. If not, you can
use very gentle pressure with your index finger to move the lens.

You’ll repeat these same steps for your other eye.

Don’t panic if you have some trouble the first few times you insert the lenses. Your eyelids want
to protect your eyes from any harm and may want to close. Remain calm and keep both eyes
open during this process. And make sure that you are holding your eyelid open enough that you
can easily place the lens on your eye.

There is no perfect way of inserting your lenses. If this method doesn’t work for you, that’s why
you see an ECP! They will work with you to find the best practice for you and your ALTIUS

If the lens ever feels stuck on your eye after use, apply a few drops of contact lens rewetting
solution and blink several times. If you feel any discomfort, or the lens doesn’t move freely,
contact your ECP for some added support.

Removing your lenses

ALTIUS performance contact lenses are single-use, meaning they are only meant to be used
ONLY once and then disposed of after usage. When you’re ready to remove your lenses,
cleanliness is just as important as when applying the lenses. Thoroughly wash and dry your
hands before attempting to handle the lenses.

Then, you’ll look at your eyes and make sure that the lenses are centered on the cornea. If the
lens is off-center, gently re-center it before attempting to remove it.

Look up while keeping both eyes open. Using the middle finger of your dominant hand, gently
pull down the lower lid of one of your eyes. Using the tip of the index finger on the same hand,
touch the lens and slide it onto the white of the eye.

Lightly pinch the lens between your index finger and thumb and remove. Remember to be very
gentle and not use your fingernails during this process to avoid any issues.

Repeat this process on the other eye.

If the lens cannot be easily removed, apply a few drops of the contact lens rewetting solution
and blink a few times. When the lens moves freely, remove it in the same manner described

Once you’ve removed your lenses, dispose of them immediately.

Removing contact lenses can be just as intimidating as applying lenses. It may take several
attempts to get the lenses out when you’re new to wearing them. It’s important to remain calm
and be gentle. If you have any issues, reach out to your ECP for additional support.

Once you get the hang of applying and removing your lenses, it will become second nature.
There is very low risk in using these contact lenses, and there’s so much more to gain in terms
of the benefits you’ll get from improved performance vision.

If you have any questions, reach out to us! 

ALTIUS® vs. Sunglasses: How Do They Compare?

ALTIUS® Performance Tinted Contact Lenses were designed to improve your visual clarity,
comfort, quickness, and protection. They do that in part by blocking UV and Blue Light.
I know what you’re thinking… Sunglasses do the same thing!
And they do! Kind of.


Sunglasses typically filter UV for your protection, and some even filter a bit of Blue Light. The
difference is that they can’t guarantee total protection against UV. We can! Our lenses will block
out 100% of UV. While sunglasses can filter some Blue Light, our lenses will block over 99% of
Blue Light.

What happens when Blue Light is blocked is that the remaining wavelengths are seen in far
greater clarity. That means you can see the things that you need to see and not all the visual
noise you don’t need. Our lenses engineer the light so that what you see appears sharper and
less intense, while also protecting your eyes from extreme light conditions.
Extreme light conditions

Sunglasses will also protect your eyes from extreme light conditions… for the most part.
The problem with sunglasses is that they don’t completely cover your eyes. Sure, they seem to
cover your eyes enough from the front, but what about the sides? All you need to do is move
slightly and all of a sudden your eyes are flooded with bright light leaking in the area not
protected by your sunglasses. And, then there are those annoying lens reflections caused by
that peripheral light leakage.

The good news is that our lenses are fully immersive. Our research indicates that your visual
field is 50% better with ALTIUS than if you’re wearing sunglasses. ALTIUS covers your entire
cornea giving you the assurance that you won’t have to worry about any light leakage!


If you’ve never worn contacts and are worried about how they’ll feel, don’t worry. They’re
extremely comfortable. You won’t even feel them while they’re on, and you won’t have to deal
with them getting in the way of what you’re doing. When you’re wearing sunglasses you have to
deal with them slipping, falling off, and blocking some of your vision.
None of that will happen with ALTIUS! There’s no risk of our lenses falling out.

With sunglasses you also have to deal with the lenses fogging up, scratches, water splash, and
debris buildup. There’s more distractions and annoyances with sunglasses than you’ll ever
experience with ALTIUS.

Changing light conditions

You’ll notice when you wear sunglasses that they’re not designed for changing light conditions,
or when looking into glare or shadow. That means they won’t adapt as well to changes in light
conditions. This leaves you with an overall dimming effect when wearing sunglasses.
ALTIUS lenses do the opposite. They are designed to create a perceived brightening effect.
You’ll see what you need to see in greater clarity… some might even say it’s like you’re seeing
in super high definition.


And you can’t wear sunglasses in ALL sports or activities. You can’t wear sunglasses while
playing water polo or surfing. Some activities you can wear them, but you really don’t want to
because they’re more of a hazard than a benefit. These lenses are designed to support any
sport or activity, and have tint options so that you can find the best fit for you.
Whether you need correction or not, ALTIUS is a great alternative to wearing sunglasses. If you
love sunglasses and want to try the next level of vision performance and protection, give
ALTIUS a try. Contact us or reach out to your eye care professional to learn more.




Shout out to @jaylenwaddle for wearing Altius® Amber lenses. Prescribed to help Performance!

Instagram Link


Thank you, Dr. Nanasy with @floridainstituteofsportsvision for fitting @ucf.football with Altius® Performance Tinted Contacts!! Hope you have a great year, Knights!

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US Women's National Water Polo Team Fit with ALTIUS®

In June 2022, 25 US Women's National Water Polo Team members fit with ALTIUS® Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses at Surf City Optometry in Huntington Beach, CA, under the care of Dr's. Bronson Hamada, Amy Dinh, and their staff during the Team's Annual Performance Vision Testing Program as they prepared for the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Approximately 80% of the team had no vision correction and had never worn contact lenses. Surf City Optometry was a scene of excitement, with these world-class athletes among the first to wear this game-changing technology, especially in a sport where no solution existed against harsh glare from both above and off the water. The athletes explained how the ALTIUS® would allow them to see more clearly and comfortably during training sessions and matches, especially when outdoors. Sports Medicine personnel from US Water Polo, US Surfing, and two local universities observed the event.

First Major Sports Media Coverage of ALTIUS®

First Major Sports Media Coverage of ALTIUS®: Miami Dolphins WR Jaylen Waddle Interview

On July 29, Jaylen Waddle, Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver, who was drafted 6th overall out of the University of Alabama in the 2021 NFL Draft, was interviewed following a training camp practice while wearing ALTIUS® Amber Lenses. Dr. Amanda Nanasy of The Eye Center / Florida Institute of Sports Vision had fit Jaylen and fellow Dolphins' teammates with ALTIUS® Single-Use Performance-Tinted Soft Contact Lenses leading into the training camp.

The Eye Center / Florida Institute of Sports Vision, founded by Dr. Bob Davis, has provided comprehensive vision care services to the Miami Dolphins for over 40 years! Congratulations to the entire team at the Institute!

This was the 1st major sports media interview of a professional athlete wearing ALTIUS®.



ABB Optical Group, America’s leading independent eye care distributor, announced today that it will be the exclusive distributor of Performance Vision Technologies, Inc.’s (PVTI) Performance-Tinted Single-Use Soft Contact Lenses under the brand name ALTIUS™, meaning “Higher” in Latin.

With its patent-pending technology, PVTI designed the ALTIUS™ Performance-Tinted Contact Lenses to eliminate visual distractions while elevating visual details to optimize performance.

ALTIUS™ incorporates Light Architecture© and 360 Degree Total Immersion Technology© into a single-use soft contact lens modality to decrease visual distractions. This design allows athletes and recreationists to perform with maximum visual comfort, clarity and quickness under wide-ranging environmental conditions.

The lenses are designed for patients who may or may not need vision correction and are available in two outdoor use tints, ALTIUS™ Amber and ALTIUS™ Grey-Green. ALTIUS™ Amber is engineered for dynamic, reactive sports in a wide range of outdoor light conditions. ALTIUS™ Grey-Green is engineered for open-air activities on water and land in varying outdoor light conditions.

Both ABB and PVTI are thrilled about the new partnership and opportunity to provide patients with top-quality eye care.

"This lens is the result of decades of research to develop "game-changing" optical solutions to address a wide range of lighting conditions in sports, recreation, education or work," said Alan W. Reichow, OD, MEd, FAAO, Founder, President & CEO of PVTI. "We are delighted to have ABB Optical group as our exclusive distributor."

"ABB is thrilled to be able to provide our customers this unique opportunity to differentiate their practice and serve their patients," said Aaron See, Senior Vice President of Manufacturer Partnerships for ABB Optical Group. "ALTIUS™ lenses are now available through a select group of eye care practitioners in the United States. We plan to work together to make the lenses available to a larger network of eye doctors in the spring of 2022."

Full Press Release

ABB Exclusive Distributor of ALTIUS™ Performance Vision Contact Lenses_Press Release

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